CVE-2019-10017: CMS Made Simple 2.2.10 XSS via File Picker Extension


Author: Chi Tran of Southern Methodist University

Vendor: CMS Made Simple™

Product: CMS Made Simple™ 2.2.10 “Spuzzum”

CVE Reference: CVE-2019-10017

Original Entry Date: March 24, 2019

Affected Version(s): 2.2.10



  • Cause: The ‘moduleinterface.php’ uploader class script does not properly filter HTML code from user-supplied input in the ‘Name’ field before listing the Profile. A remote authenticated user can create a specially crafted an malicious entry that, when loaded by a target users, will cause arbitrary scripting code to be executed by the target user’s browser. The code will originate from the site running the CMS Made Simple software and will run in the security context of that site. As a result, the code will be able to access the target user’s cookies (including authentication cookies), if any.


  • Proof of Concepts:
1 - Navigate to Admin Dashboard -> Click on Extension -> File Picker

2 - Click on "Add a new Profile" -> In "Name" field, input the following payload:


3 - After clicking "Submit", malicious scripts will be executed every time we refresh "File Picker" page:



  • An attacker will be able to take over an account as well as cookies hijacking.



  • Not yet available. The fixes should be available on the next releases.