[Pwn2Own 2022] CVE-2023-0855: Canon imageClass MF743CDW IPP BOF

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In December 2022, I participated and got a success in Pwn2Own Toronto 2022 targeting Canon Printer category. Check it out here

The Canon imageClass MF743Cdw’s IPP service is vulnerable to a stack-based buffer overflow using the number-up attribute. This allows an unauthenticated attacker to execute arbitrary code on the device.


There is a function at address 0x41BD138C named sub_41BD138C. This function is called when printer handles IPP request packet that has an attribute named number-up.

int __fastcall sub_41BD138C(int a1, int a2, int a3, int a4)
  int v4; // r4
  int v5; // r6
  int v6; // r5
  int v7; // r2
  bool v8; // zf
  bool v9; // zf
  unsigned int v10; // r4
  unsigned __int16 v11; // r7
  unsigned int v12; // r1
  char dest[4]; // [sp+8h] [bp-18h] BYREF

  *(_DWORD *)dest = a4;
  v4 = 1;
  v5 = a2 + 32828;

    *(_DWORD *)dest = 0;
    v10 = 0;
    v11 = __rev16(*(unsigned __int8 *)(a1 + 1) | (*(unsigned __int8 *)(a1 + 2) << 8));
      (char *)(a1 + v11 + 5),
      __rev16(*(unsigned __int8 *)(a1 + v11 + 3) | (*(unsigned __int8 *)(a1 + v11 + 4) << 8)));
  v12 = (*(int *)dest >> 8) & 0xFF00 | (__rev16(*(unsigned int *)dest) << 16) | dest[3];
    while ( v10 < dword_45CF9DC0 && dword_45CF9F5C[v10] != v12 )

As we can see, this function takes a word from IPP request packet. This word is used as a length parameter without checking to copy data to stack-based variable dest. This variable dest’s size is just 4 bytes. This leads to stack buffer overflow and we can redirect the PC register to our code.


Based on Synacktiv’s past research, we know that on real device, stack and heap region memory has read, write and executable right. So we can alloc a region at a fixed address, push our shellcode to this region and redirect PC register to this to get our shellcode run.

The complete attack scenario will include these steps:

  • Send a BNJP request containing shellcode which will download an image and display it on the printer
  • Exploit the overflow and redirect the program register to shellcode buffer
  • Printer will display our image on monitor


ZDI: https://www.zerodayinitiative.com/advisories/ZDI-23-555